AMK student card and Pivo

Student card is a sign of your membership in the Student Union. By joining the Student Union, you also order a student card for yourself.

Student card granted by the Student Union is for students studying Bachelor's or Master's Degree in HAMK. International degree programme and exchange students are also entitled to the student card.


The academic year sticker is what makes the student card valid. Sticker will be changed annually, and it is a sign of the paid Student Union membership.


HAMKO's members are entitled to Pivo digital student card, too. See instructions to start using Pivo e.g. from our blog.

Student card cannot be granted for open university students.


Polku students can join student union, but they don't get all the same benefits as degree students. For more information please contact hamko[at]


You can join the Student Union and order a student card if you fulfill the following criteria:

1. You are studying for a Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree in Häme University of Applied Sciences.

2. You have registered as attending for the semester or for the academic year.


New card can be ordered via this electronic form (form opens in a new window).


You will find all the information concerning the prices of the membership and the ordering process here.


The delivery time of the card is approximately two weeks, but during high season (August-September) you should be prepared to longer delivery time.


When your application is accepted and your card has been printed, you will be notified by email (firstname.lastname[at] where the card can be picked up.