Deferring or resigning

Deferring membership (absent semesters)

Not claiming your validation sticker is not seen as deferring your membership. Your membership is automatically in effect for the length of the paid period.


You can defer your membership by writing a notice about it to the Student Union (email hamko(at) If you are absent for the autumn semester or a full academic year, notify the Student Union by September 30th. If you are absent for the spring semester, notify by January 31st.


You cannot defer your membership after the current validation sticker has been glued to your student card.


For more information about deferring or resigning, contact the Student Union’s Adviser Inka Panttila, inka.panttila(at)



The member of The Student Union may resign by notifying in writing the Board or orally at the meeting of the Council of representatives.


The written resignation form must be submitted to the address below:


Opiskelijakunta HAMKO
PL 230
13101 Hämeenlinna


The resigning student has a right to claim back the remaining membership fees. In this case you need to fill out the resignation form that can be asked from the Student Union's office and deliver it to us with your student card. Please note that the joining fee and the card producing costs will not be returned. A processing fee of 5 € will be taken off the amount of the membership fee return.


The membership fee will be returned as full semesters:

• autumn semester / academic year membership fee return must be applied by 30.9.
• spring semester membership fee return must be must applied by 31.1.


At other times, the return of the membership fee is determined by the Board in each case.