Harassment officers

You can contact the harassment officer if you feel harassed, bullied or treated badly at university during your studies or free time. You may also contact them if you feel that another student is being mistreated or you face a harassment related problem you cannot solve yourself. Contacting the harassment officer doesn't necessary have to be anything else than having someone who listens to student's worries.


You can contact a harassment officer anonymously and the conversations will be fully confidential. Harassment officer won't start further actions without student's permission. Only exceptions are situations where a student or university community is facing a threat of violence.


Even if the harassment officer does not know the answer to your problem, they will be able to find out who does.


Harassment officers in the year 2020 are Emma Kokkonen, Lauri Saarikallio and Tytti Maanpää.


Contact information:

Emma: emma.kokkonen[at]hamko.fi / +358 44 722 1002

Lauri: lauri.saarikallio[at]hamko.fi

Tytti: tytti.maanpaa[at]hamko.fi / +358 44 722 1005