Tutor's portfolio

Tutors portfolio is independently compiled by the tutor to report and self-evaluate the actions and results of their own tutoring. Tutors portfolio serves as your proof of competence and development, which can be utilized in the future, for example,  when looking for a job. Writing portfolio is mandatory for all tutors. Tutoring study module is evaluated and the credits from tutoring are based on the contents of your portfolio.


Instructions of tutors portfolio (PDF)

Tutor's Sharepoint workspace

Tutors have their own workspace in Sharepoint where you cand find material to support your tutoring. All the materials used in tutor trainings can be found in the workspace in addition to other usefull material. Tutors will be invited to workspace after they have completed the first part of tutors basic training.

Tutor T-shirt

Tutor t-shirt is a tutor’s uniform. Each tutor receives a tutor t-shirt in tutors’ basic training. The tutor t-shirt is black with a tutor logo on the front and the Student Union logo on the back. This t-shirt can and must be worn while on official tutor duty. The similar shirts guarantee the recognisability of the tutor group and the new students dare to come and talk to you even if they don’t remember your name or face.

Tutor badge

The Student Union’s official tutor badge for overalls cannot be bought, it must be earned. The only way to get a tutor badge is to take part in the 2nd part of tutors’ basic training.

International tutors' materials

International tutor's guide book (PDF)