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Overalls are students’ standard accessory! Overalls make it easy to recognize your fellow students and with overalls, you will never have a “what should I wear crisis” before student parties.


You can buy overalls at Forssa, Riihimäki, Valkeakoski and Visamäki campuses. On other campuses, you can ask about overalls from your local student association.


Overall prices:

Student union’s members 35 €

Others 70 €.


Color of your overalls depend on what you study.

Pink = nursing, public health nursing, social services

Yellow = business administration, design, business information technology, international business

Black = engineers (except for forestry engineers), sustainable development


At Visamäki you can buy overalls from student union’s office (building C, first floor, opposite of auditorium A). Office is open on weekdays from 9 am to 4 pm (check exceptions from event calendar).


Both student union and local student associations organize overall patch sewing evenings now and then. Follow our event calendar and Facebook page to find out more!




The Student Union arranges two big events during the academic year: Alkupamaus ("big bang") to start the studies with a bang in the autumn and Loppurysäys ("ending crash") to bring the academic year to a crashing end in spring. In addition, Student Union organizes and takes part in other smaller events during academic year.


Follow the events calendar and the Student Union's Facebook page and you’ll know where the next party will be! Information about organizing the events and writings behind the scenes can be found from our blog.


Board members in charge of events and parties are Karri Mäkelä and Sami Weidmann. Please contact Karri and Sami if you have an idea of an event or party you wish the Student Union would organize. You'll find Karri and Sami's contact information here.


The Student Union also has an events team that plans and helps to organize for example Alkupamaus and Loppurysäys in cooperation with the Board.



Student culture pass


Student culture pass is a booklet for HAMK students that includes 24 checkpoints. Checkpoints contain different events and tasks, and by completing a checkpoint you'll get a stamp for your pass. You can get the Student culture pass and the stamps from HAMKO's office in Visamäki, from your local student association or from a representative of these organizations at the event. You get a stamp afterwards by showing a receipt, a ticket or a selfie taken at the event – you can be creative with this!


Those who have collected ten (10) stamps by the end of academic year will get an overall patch that can’t be acquired by any other way. They also participate in the grand prize draw.


Student Culture Pass checkpoints 2019-2020:


  • Start using Pivo mobile student card
  • Pick up AMK student card/new academic year sticker
  • Apply to become a tutor
  • Wear student overalls
  • Sew a new patch to your student overalls
  • Come and meet HAMKO actors at HAMKO on the Road tour
  • Stand for election in the Council of Representatives Election
  • Vote in the Council of Representatives Election
  • Participate in a Council of Representatives’ meeting
  • Alkupamaus/Loppurysäys
  • Ryöminki
  • Kastajaiset/Tursajaiset
  • Participate in a sports event for students
  • Participate in whichever Appro event
  • Participate in a student cruise
  • Pre-Christmas party by a student organization at HAMK
  • Event by a student organization at HAMK (not your own campus)
  • Event by a student organization at HAMK (not your own campus)
  • Event by a student organization at HAMK (not your own campus)
  • Go watch a local sports club’s game
  • Visit a museum



A club or a society can be formed by a group of people if most of them are members of the student union. The activities and events the club or society organises must be targeted primarily to the members of the student union and promote their general welfare or offer them free time activities. The activities and events must no compete with activities or events organized by the student union. The status of a club or a society is granted by the board of the student union.


How to start a club or a society?


You can apply for the club status by filling out the online form.


Clubs and societies may apply and receive an allowance form the student union. The allowance can be financial or of other resources. The amount of money reserved for financial allowances is confirmed by the council of representatives annually in their budget. Allowances are applied from the Student Union. Allowance applications must be delivered to the board of the student union, which will discuss it in the next board meeting.