Student Union

According to Finnish law, there is a student union in every university of applied sciences. The Student Union of Häme University of Applied Sciences, a.k.a HAMKO, is a student governed and effective force making sure that students’ voice is heard in HAMK.


The Student Union takes a stand and actively works as a supervisor of interests on all HAMK campuses in order to make HAMK even better place to study. Supervision of students' interests is carried out in many ways: by representing students in the internal work groups of HAMK, by lobbying among the local decision-makers and by taking care of the student representation for example in the school administration. This guarantees a student point of view to matters concerning students. Besides this, the Student Union also trains tutors and maintains active student culture by organizing different kinds of events. As a sign of the Student Union's membership there is an official student card that makes a student eligible to numerous discounts and benefits.


The highest decision-making body of the Student Union is the Council of representatives, which is elected annually from among the members. Activities are managed by the Board elected by the Council in cooperation with the Student Union's staff.


For more information about the Student Union's operations, please contact our friendly and active Board.

Photographer: Iikka Pietilä