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Student financial aid services in HAMK


Students can get financial aid from Kela during their studies. Financial aid is available in the following forms: 


Study grant that you can apply for after you have accepted a study place. Please note, that getting financial aid requires you to make satisfactory progress with your studies. In addition, you will have to make sure that you don’t exceed specified income limits. It’s important to keep income limits in mind especially if you are working alongside your studies. Read more about study grant from Kela's website. 


General housing allowance that you can apply for after you have signed a lease. General housing allowance is paid to the household as a whole. Persons who are considered to part of the same household: 

  • married and cohabiting couples or minor children living in the same or different dwelling 
  • close relatives (grandparents, parents and children) living in the same dwelling 
  • persons renting a home under a joint rental agreement 
  • persons renting a home under separate rental agreements if collectively they pay rent for the entire home. 


Changes is your income may affect your general housing allowance. If your household's income increases by at least EUR 400 per month or decreases by at least EUR 200 per month compared to the previous housing allowance decision, contact Kela to get your housing allowance reviewed.


Read more about general housing allowance from Kela's website.


You can apply to a bank for a student loan after you have received a decision notifying you that you have been granted a government loan guarantee. More information about student loan here.


Read more information about financial aid for students from Kela's website.


Kela's contact information:


The customer service number for students at 020 634 2550 is open on weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm. (only in Finnish)




Student financial aid services in HAMK


Financial aid services notifies students about up-to-date issues related to student financial aid. 

Tel: 03 646 4502       

Email: opintotuki(at)