Supervision of interests

The aim of the Student Union’s operations is to better students’ position in society, student welfare and livelihood, and education. In Häme University of Applied Sciences we provide a link between the students, staff and management. There are important decisions made daily in different working groups within HAMK. Each working group has a Student Union appointed student member making sure that students’ voice is heard.


The Student Union brings students’ point of view to issues such as student counseling, alternative course completion, course catalogue, timely grading and standard of education.


The Student Union is involved in local politics by influencing decision makers. Local politics deal with everyday issues such as health care, housing and public transport. On national level, the supervision of interests is done though SAMOK, the Union of Students in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences. The Student Union of HAMK is a member of SAMOK and it gives us a way to have an influence on important national issues such as study allowances and tuition fees.

Feedback system

In HAMK, feedback is collected continuously from students concerning the quality of teaching and other university operations. The feedback is used to develop the university. The Student Union of HAMK takes part in collecting the feedback and in the follow-up processes. Read more about giving feedback and the feedback system from here.