Academic year sticker

A sign of that your student card is valid and that you have paid your membership. Sticker is glued to your student card. You can receive a new academic year sticker from the Student Union’s service point in Visamäki or from your local partner student association in the beginning of the new academic year (or when your old sticker expires: autumn stickers ("syksy") are valid until end of January and annual stickers ("Lukuvuosi") until the end of September.



The start of the academic year party that gathers together students from all the different HAMK units. Organized in September. Alkupamaus starts with a checkpoint tour Ryöminki in the Hämeenlinna city centre and ends with an awesome party and great performers.



Has the administrative and executive power in the Student Union. The Council of representatives elects the Board, which has to have at least a president, vice president and three members. The Board is elected for one calendar year.


Central election committee

Is in charge of organizing the Council of Representatives election.


Council of representatives

Is elected from among the members of the Student Union. There are 21 representatives in the Council and its term lasts one calendar year. Council's meetings are open to all Student Union members.



Häme University of Applied Sciences.



Hämeen ammattikorkeakoulun opiskelijakunta (the Student Union of Häme University of Applied Sciences).



Student Union's hamster mascot.



The Hämeenlinna Student Housing Foundation.


Kastajaiset / tursajaiset

Initiation party for new students.



The end of the academic year party, a counterpart to Alkupamaus.



15 ECTS credit parts from which the studies consist of. Some of the modules are studied with fellow students in the degree programme, but some modules’ way of study can be chosen more freely.


Monthly newsletter

Is sent to all HAMK students to student email addresses. It contains topical information about the Student Union, upcoming events and other matters.



Online learning environment which is used on some courses.


Overall patch

A decorative addition to your student overalls. If you are not familiar with the concept of student overalls, read more here. The Student Union sells a small selection of badges at the service point and during our happenings. Alkupamaus and Loppurysäys advance tickets are always printed as overalls badges – you’ll receive a lasting memory of the party when you sow the patch to your overalls!


Partner student association

A registered association and the majority of its members are students at HAMK. The activities the association organises must be targeted at HAMK students and promote their interests.



A playful track competition organized before Alkupamaus and Loppurysäys.



The Union of Students in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences. (www.samok.fi)



A seated meal party that includes singing, toasts and sometimes entertainment acts.


Student card

A sign of being a member of a student union. The card entitles you to various benefits and discounts all around Finland and proves your student status.


Student union

Organization that supervises students’ interests and takes care that students’ rights are not violated.



Students who have been trained to be peer guides to new students and help them to settle into their studies. Tutors are trained by the Student Union and they sign a two year tutor contract with HAMK. They can receive ECTS credits for their work.



General information channel and group discussion forum for HAMK students and staff.